All in the same day

Consultation and examination

Mammogram and Ultrasound

Results and biopsy of required

At the border breast clinic no referral is required during your booking you will see a doctor who will perform a full history and examination , after which you will have a mammogram and ultrasound. You will then return and get your results in 4 hours. This process removes worrying and waiting for weeks to see doctors, imaging , and booking in for biopsy’s

Don’t leave it to chance. Book a breast examination now.

You don’t need a referral, just call 02 60 511660 and speak to our friendly bookings staff.

Our dedicated female GPs provide a professional, personalised and caring approach and treatment options.

We offer:

• Routine breast examination and screening for asymptomatic women with average risk and high risk of breast cancer (family history)

• Assessment of any breast related symptom (lump, pain, nipple discharge etc)

• Mammography with 3D tomosynthesis technology and Ultrasound all conducted on site by our experienced radiology team


Comprehensive and personalised breast cancer risk assessment
Clinical breast examination
Detailed assessment of your symptoms
Advice on breast self-examination and care
Investigations as appropriate for your needs (mammogram, ultrasound)
Biopsy available on the same day
Discussion of your results on the same day
Plan any treatment if needed
Breast surgeon assessment usually available on the same day

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